The Young Life Committee of Genesee County​​​

Genesee County has a committee of adults who believe in  - and are committed to - the mission of Young Life. They give their time, talent and treasure to introduce to God's unconditional love to teenagers throughout the county and to help them grow in their faith. The Committee is comprised of adults from all different backgrounds, leaders in their communities, careers and churches, moms and dads, grandparents who simply and wholeheartedly care about kids. The Committee provides and supports the vision and foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the Genesee County administration, staff and volunteer leaders.
Over the last 75 years, the Lord has used the ministry of Young Life to impact generations of young people. Much of this impact is attributed to the countless adults who serve behind the scenes. While leaders and staff are on the front lines with kids, Young Life committee members and adults stand in the gap with them to connect entire communities to the work so that kids can be reached for years to come. Local adult committees are the most significant indicator of health and longevity for an area. 

One committee member serving can literally breathe life into our Genesee County staff. Imagine if everyone on committee knew his or her role, unique area of giftedness, and was proactively serving in it? This is the unique and wonderful gift volunteer committee members bring to our local area. As we serve in our individual roles, we are helping to advance on the battlefield and take back from the enemy what is rightfully God's. 

What are you gifted at doing? Do you throw good parties? Host a women's small group Bible study. Are you an excellent cook or chef? Host a fundraiser based on the food you cook. Are you an excellent carpenter? Build props for your area’s banquet. Are you blessed with the gift of making money or knowing key people? Use your success to introduce the community of businesses to the best ministry on earth at reaching unchurched teens. 

Think about it for a minute. Whatever God has blessed you with, how can you use that to serve the basic functions of the committee? By doing so, you will breathe life into your area. You will enable your staff to mobilize the team of leaders to reach more and more kids and introduce them to Jesus Christ. 

The Young Life Committee of Genesee County

Ashley Bach
Cindy Brandt
Stacey Doyle
David Frownfelter
Christina Funck
Dennis Leyder
Julie Martin
Barb Kowalski
Holly Petts
Sylvia Ann Pouncil
Sue Reese
Lee & Mary Rossmaessler
George Skaff
Frank Walker

Flint Local Committee
Chair Sylvia Ann Pouncil
Debra Brown 
Sean Croudy
Dr. Linda Itson 
Janice Jones
David S. Kemp 
Francine Martin 
Raynetta Speed
Sheryl Thompson
Sheronda Tipton
Grand Blanc Local Committee
Chair Frank Walker
Ketesa Allen
Angie Asperger
John Baxter
Christa Duetsch
Pat Johnson
Laurie Powell
Andy Rathus
Steve Smith
Patrick Wittbrodt

Lake Fenton Local Committee
Chair Holly Petts
Alisa Antonangeli
Betsy Conley
Sonja Evanoff
Heather Ezell
Denise Hathon
Dana & Chris Hnilica
Allison Hunt
Theresa Kamischke
Lisa & Jeff Kent
Brenda LaBonte
Jeff Petts
Lisa Polzin
Katie Spezia
Kelly & Steve Steffey
Jim & Maria Stiverson
Jason & Beth Wright
Jerry & Lynda Wright

Linden Local Committee
Chair Tammy Neuville
Cindy Brandt
Lisa Chapin
Shannon Clements
Cathy Hopkins
Steve & Jenny Kirk
Kim Lau
Fred Lewis
Denny Manner
Jarrod & Stephanie Montague
Doug Spalding
Gretchen Sutto
Gayle Wagner

The Genesee County Young Life Foundation


The Genesee County Young LIfe Foundation continues the legacy of the late Woody Skaff, who was concerned about Genesee County teenagers who showed no interest in traditional church programs. The Foundation is a Michigan, not-for-profit tax exempt organization established in 1978 through the careful planning & stewardship of Woody Skaff and M. Harry Piper. The Foundation is governed by an independent board of trustees who serve without pay and in no part of the net income shall benefit any board member. The board works independently to ensure that funds are available to help fund Young Life of Genesee County operations, programs, counseling and the needs of adolescents in meeting Jesus Christ to grow in their faith. The Foundation also assists in providing partial funding for WyldLife and Young Life teens who otherwise might not be able to attend Young Life summer camp.

George Skaff, President & Treasurer

Stephen Walton, Secretary

Albert J. Koegel, Director

Dennis Leyder, Director

Meagan Cooke, Director

Young Life has been named in the Top 10 of the Best Charities working throughout the world with exceptional financial management. "Charitable givers should feel confident that Young Life puts their donations to good use.”


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Phone: (810) 391-2189

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