More than 2000 impacted in 2017-'18
Looking forward to another
AMAZING year in Genesee County!

     Young Life Genesee County is a world-class non-profit faith-based mentoring organization for middle school and high school youth in Genesee County. Our staff and volunteers enter the world of youth, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we think matters most of all — the truth about God and His unconditional love for them.

     Young Life Genesee County is part of an international organization that is now active in more than 8000 locations across the United States and 100 countries. Late businessman Woody Skaff began Genesee County’s effort more than 50 years ago - and we have been active throughout the county ever since.

     Our current vision is touch if not impact the lives of 7800 students in Grand Blanc, Fenton, Flint, Lake Fenton and Linden. We have 4 full time staff, 2 part-time staff and a teacher mission staff. We also have approximately 20 volunteers who help enter the world of youth.

     We are funded through the donations of individuals, foundations, businesses, organizations and churches. The overwhelming majority of funding for Young Life ministry comes from individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of kids in their communities. We have been blessed by the generous support of hundreds of local individuals who were involved in Young Life as kids, or know someone whose life has been significantly influenced by Young Life’s efforts. 

Our impact in 2017-18

As of May 2018, our recorded impact on Genesee County youth last year was 2,125 middle and high school students. The breakdown per areas where we are active is:

Flint = 300 students

Grand Blanc Middle School = 75 students

Lake Fenton Middle School = 600 students

Grand Blanc High School = 250 students

Lake Fenton/Linden High Schools = 900
Totalling = 2,125 students in Genesee County

In 2017, our recorded impact was 663.


Average Club Attendance

Club is a relaxed, safe and fun setting where Genesee County youth and leaders gather to spend time together - and where leaders share a message about Christ in terms middle school and high school students can understand.
     Young Life Flint meets every Monday at 7:10pm. Our average weekly Club attendance in Genesee County totalled 163 middle and high school students.

Average Campaigner Attendance

Campaigners is a group of students committed to growing in their relationship with Christ and sharing this relationship with others. They pray for their school and with their leaders, learn more about what it means to love and follow Jesus, and to love their friends for His sake.Average number of middle and high school students attending Campaigners was 75.

Summer Camp Attendance
Young Life's mission is to wake up youth to see Christ in a way they might not see Him back at home. Young Life camps are operated on the premise that if we do nothing else, we will give Flint youth a chance to see a clear picture of Jesus. Our camps are extravagant resorts in the middle of God's extravagant creation to proclaim to our youth God's extravagant love for us in Jesus. This summer, 150 attended one of Young Life's summer camps. We attended two high school camps: Timber Wolf Lake in Michigan and Clearwater Cove in Missouri; one middle school camp Michindoh in Michigan; and a discipleship sea kayaking camp in British Columbia.

Local Committees expand to pinpoint area needs
Our Committees are the backbone of Young Life in Genesee County - and have been for more than 50 years. Our Board and Local Committees are comprised of adults who believe in the mission of Young Life: to share the truth about God and His unconditional love for high school youth and to help them grow in their faith. Committee members include adults from all different backgrounds, careers and churches, parents of current youth attending Young Life, Young Life alumni as well as civic leaders — all committed to helping to provide a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the Young Life Flint team of leaders and staff. Committee members work together to execute fundraising events, love and encourage leaders, pray for the ministry, and so much more! This year, we created Local Committees for Flint, Grand Blanc, Lake Fenton and Linden. Each Chair from the Local Committees serve on the Genesee County Board that has oversight of the entire County.

Our Plans for 2018-19
We are so blessed to be involved in the lives of youth in Genesee County. We are always looking for volunteer leaders, committee and donors so we can have an even greater impact. There were 7800 youth enrolled in schools where we are active last year. If we double our impact next year, we will touch the lives of nearly half of the students we are trying to reach. Please join us in praying we meet that goal and more as we bring the Truth about the uncondtional love of God to Genesee County youth.
- Sue Frownfelter, Area Director

Welcome to GenCo!

Hundreds of youth are experiencing​ 
fun, adventure, friendship &
a sense of significance in Genesee County
For most kids, however, Young Life is simply a person — a person who knows their name and sees something in them that others may not. It's a person who keeps showing up, cheering when things are good and listening when they aren't. It's a person who has followed Jesus Christ into the world of kids, inviting them to more fun, adventure and life than they can imagine. 

Young Life invites you to be that person!
If you would like to join our team, please email 


High School Fall Weekend Dec 7-9
Middle School Winter Weekend Feb 1-3
   Genesee County youth from all around the region for Young LIfe's annual Fall Weekend at Timber Wolf Lake Dec. 7-9 and WyldLife Winter Weekend Feb 1-3. Cost is $135 per person and includes food, lodging, transportation and FUN! If you know of a teen who might want to join us, please have him or her sign up at Club on Monday nights. 

Check us out on the video below!




How can we pray for you??
Young Life of Genesee County invites you to submit a prayer request regarding a personal need in your life. All requests will remain confidential except to our active prayer team that prays regularly for youth all over Genesee County. Please feel free to let us know if your prayers have been answered so we also can share in the blessing of God's provision.
Click here to submit prayer requests!​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Boxing Champion Claressa Shields meets youth at Flint Club.
Coach More Hustle visits the Lake Fenton/Linden Club.

Come join a WYLD NIGHT of FREE fun with a gym full of middle schoolers from all over the county! We meet bi-weekly, from 7-9pm, on Saturdays! 

Bring a carload, a vanload - maybe even a busload! We want Saturdays to be the BEST day of the week for our WyldLifers!

YOung life
Inbetween all the football games, studies, dances and tests, teenagers need to have some FUN! Young Life is ALL that and a bag of CHIPS!!

Please bring your friends and family, strangers on the street, the waitress who served you lunch (but no dogs or cats, please!) to Young Life on Mondays at 7:06pm! You will NOT BELIEVE what we will be up to this fall! You are NOT going to want to miss it!

YOung Life​ Flint​
Genesee County's Multiethnic Young Life at Bethel United Methodist Church, 1309 N. Ballenger Hwy, Flint, 7:06pm

Urban and suburban clubs are different culturally, but the message is the same.
"The reasons we do club ... To bring kids together, develop relationships, have fun and find their place. And in the midst of all that, we present the Gospel. The philosophy of Club works anywhere." 
– Justine Conley, 
former Multiethnic VP



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Hey Alumni!
Young Life is still doing it in Genesee County!

If you've ever been involved with Young Life in Genesee County 
— went to camp, attended club, been a volunteer leader, committee member or donor — 
you are an alumnus and you’ve experienced what Young Life is all about.

See below ​what 
Grammy nomin​ated Singer/Songwriter 
Brandon Heath 
has to say about his personal experience with Young Life!
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  GB Campaigners
  Club for Flint, Grand Blanc, Lake Fenton, Linden
  WyldLife Campaigners
  Lake Fenton, Fenton, Linden Campaigners
  GB Campaigners
  Club for Flint, Grand Blanc, Lake Fenton, Linden
  WyldLife Campaigners
  Lake Fenton, Fenton, Linden Campaigners
  GB Campaigners
  Club for Flint, Grand Blanc, Lake Fenton, Linden
  WyldLife Campaigners
  Lake Fenton, Fenton, Linden Campaigners
  GB Campaigners
  Club for Flint, Grand Blanc, Lake Fenton, Linden
  WyldLife Campaigners
  Lake Fenton, Fenton, Linden Campaigners



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