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Sue Frownfelter

Area Director
Fun Facts:

Champion in Madden Mobile, 7 on the Enneagram, took down a skeet in midair, I have a monkey in my back seat, and I can bark exactly like my next door neighbor's dog! Email Sue directly.

Cindy Brandt

Fun Facts:

I name my cars, starts every day at the office with, "My computer is so slow," Led Zeppelin is the greatest band, ask me anything about the Royal Family! Email Cindy directly.

Jake Kirk

Associate Area Director
Fun Facts:

Never giving up on the Lions, Enneagram 9, in my next life I'm going to be a marine biologist, meet me at Sagebrush! Email Jake directly.

Maryalice Taneyhill

Lake Fenton Teacher Staff
Fun Facts:

I can cheer more loudly than you; I know Coach More Hustle very well; Liberty truly reigns in my house; Josephine is my princess. Email Maryalice directly.

Rob Leyder

Staff Associate - Grand Blanc
Fun Facts:

I desire to follow Jesus through all my days; I am a certified speech language pathologist, I can play over 10 instruments; I love to laugh; I like long walks on the beach! Email Rob directly.

Daniel Taneyhill

WyldLife Coordinator
Fun Facts:

Best friends with Coach More Hustle; Lived in Costa Rica and Miami; My family considers pizza a side dish at Thanksgiving; I like to study conspiracy theories; I grew up on a horse farm and had a racehorse named Country Strong; I've been to seven different YL camps! Email Daniel directly.


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